Third International Workshop on Taylor Methods, Miami Beach, Dec. 16-20, 2004
Meeting schedule:
  Morning (9am- )   Afternoon
12/16     3pm 5pm Opening
      Informal Code Demos 5:30pm Tutorials
12/17 Arithmetic, Dynamical Systems, 3pm Dynamical Systems, Applications, Beam Physics
  Applications, Beam Physics Workgroups, Code Demos
12/18 ODEs   11am  
12/19 ODEs, DAEs, PDEs 2pm 4pm GO and Range Bounding
  GO and Range Bounding Informal Workgroups Workgroups, Code Demos
12/20 GO, Control Theory, Else 2pm  
  Workgroups, Code Demos Informal Workgroups  
GO "Global Optimization"
Talk schedule:
12/16 3:00pm Informal Code Demos
5:00pm Opening
Opening Address Ken Jackson
5:30pm Tutorials on Basics of Interval Methods and Taylor Model Methods
12/17 9:00am Vladik Kreinovich Taylor Model-Type Techniques for Handling Uncertainty in Expert Systems
Weishi Wan Simulation of A Mirror Corrector for the PEEM3 Electron Microscope
Ekaterina Auer Taylor Models and Multibody Modeling in MOBILE
10:30am Coffee break
11:00am Peter Taraba Approximation of Attractors Using the Subdivision Algorithm
Gianni Arioli The bifurcation graph of the Kuramoto-Sivashinski equation
Carol Johnstone Tevatron Simulations with COSY
3:00pm Scott Berg Taylor Methods and the Dynamical Analysis of Muon Accelerators
Johannes Grote Constraint satisfaction using high-order Taylor Models and applications
Fulvio Tonon TBA
Chenyi Hu Interval Rule Matrix and Taylor Methods for Network Intrusion Detection
5:00pm Short Reviews (Kreinovich, Wan, Auer, Taraba, Arioli, Johnstone, Berg, Grote, Tonon, Hu)
Coffee Discussions, Workgroups and Code Demos
(Arithmetic, Applications, Beam Physics Applications, Dynamical Systems, ODEs, Else)
12/18 9:00am Kyoko Makino Preconditioning Methods in the Taylor Model ODE Integrator
Ned Nedialkov Analysis of the Blunting Anti-Wrapping Strategy
11:00am Excursion
12/19 9:00am Markus Neher On Neumaier's Enclosure Method for the Solution of Dissipative ODEs
John Pryce Jacobians by Vertex Elimination and Inner Products
Shashikant Manikonda Boundary Condition Problems for the 3D Laplace Equation
10:30am Short Reviews (Makino, Nedialkov, Neher, Pryce, Manikonda)
Coffee Break
2:00pm Informal Workgroups
4:00pm Kyoko Makino Taylor Model Range Bounding Schemes I
Martin Berz Taylor Model Range Bounding Schemes II
5:00pm Short Reviews (Makino, Berz)
Coffee Discussions, Workgroups and Code Demos
(Global Optimization and Range Bounding, ODEs, DAEs, PDEs, Dynamical Systems, Else)
12/20 9:00am Alexey Poklonskiy Performance Optimization of Muon Cooling Channels
Pavel Snopok Validated Methods in Control Theory
10:00am Short Reviews (Poklonskiy, Snopok)
Coffee Discussions, Workgroups and Code Demos
2:00pm Informal Workgroups
"Short Reviews" is meant to prepare the participants for discussions and workgroups.
Please present a review in a few minutes for question/discussion/project raising and/or summary.
If you use slides, please limit to one page or so.