Taylor Model Mini Workshop - Miami Beach, December 17 20, 2003
Meeting Schedule (The meeting room: Imperial IV.)
Date Morning (9:00 - noon) Evening (5:00 - 9:00)
12/15 (Monday) Inofficial Work Groups
  (ODEs: Nedialkov, Zgliczynski, Berz, Makino, Grote, )
12/16 (Tuesday) Inofficial Work Groups
  (ODEs: Nedialkov, Zgliczynski, (Global Optimization: Kearfott,
  Arioli, Tucker, Berz, Makino, Grote, ) Nataraj, Berz, Makino, Kim, )
12/17 (Wednesday) Opening Taylor models
  Excursion arrangement  
12/18 (Thursday) ODEs DAEs
  Group Photo  
12/19 (Friday) Excursion
12/20 (Saturday) Bounding and Global Optimization Bounding and Global Optimization
12/16 (Tuesday)
Kearfott GlobSol tutorial
12/17 (Wednesday)
Moore Remarks on the development and applications of interval Taylor methods
Zgliczynski Rigorous integrator for dissipative PDEs
Arioli Computer assisted proofs for the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam model
Rigorous bounds on the restricted 3-body problem
Berz/Makino Introduction to Taylor models and recent developments
Validated ODE integration with Taylor models (See talk file above.)
12/18 (Thursday)
Nedialkov An Interval Method for Linear IVPs for ODEs
Neher On Taylor model methods for solving linear ODEs with constant coefficients
Berz/Makino Validated ODE integration with Taylor models - Linear ODEs
Pryce Computing Taylor series and associated Jacobians for DAEs (Part I)
Nedialkov Solving DAEs by Taylor Series (Part II)
12/20 (Saturday)
Kearfott Introduction and Philosophy of Linear Relaxation (ps)
Corliss Applying Global Optimization in Structural Engineering
Kim/Grote Developing a Taylor model based global optimizer for COSY Infinity
Nataraj The Extrapolated Taylor Model
On Computaing Ranges of Polynomials - Some Improvements to the Bernstein Approach
Berz/Makino Taylor model bounding, LDB, QDB
Additional material:
Some case studies for TM Integration and TM Optimization